Client Relations

RPX's client network is the largest and fastest-growing of its kind in the industry. The momentum of this growth serves to expand the network's collective buying power to efficiently remove threatening patents from the market, and manage patent litigation risks and costs.
Integral to our acquisition process is our position as a major participant in the secondary market for patent assets. This affords RPX with extensive visibility into the patent market and ability to monitor deal flow and act quickly when necessary on our behalf of our client network. We currently see approximately 90 potential acquisitions per month, and our teams vet each possible asset for quality, assertion history, seller reputation, and – especially – likelihood of threat to any or all RPX members.
Our insight into the patent market allows RPX to serve as an extension of a client's in-house legal team to better inform its long-term IP strategy. As necessary, we schedule client briefings to discuss our assessments of open market opportunities, relevant litigation landscape activity, key players and trends, as well as to provide specific technical and strategic analyses on potential threats.
More generally, our clients receive quarterly reports on our portfolio activity; monthly, customized reports on our acquisition pipeline; and a weekly subscription to summaries on significant IP industry news and developments. We also sponsor periodic networking and education events for our clients.