Patent litigation used to be a form of legal redress. Today it is a business model.

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Any company that uses technology in its products or services today faces a steadily increasing threat of patent litigation. That threat is already costing operating companies approximately $13 billion per year in legal costs and even more in lost productivity.
RPX is changing this equation. Our market-based solution dramatically reduces patent-related costs for client companies by sharing risk across our network. We aggregate capital from annual subscription fees to acquire dangerous patents and patent rights, with each RPX client receiving a license to every asset we own. We acquire those patents for defensive purposes, and we have committed to never assert these patents. As the network continues to grow and our service offerings expand, we are removing progressively more high-threat patents – and more high-cost risk – from the operating ecosystem.
The result: strong, broad-based defense against wasteful patent litigation and dramatically lower operating costs and financial risk for our clients. 
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